Hey! Somebody Turn On the Lights!

Life gets better immediately when we bring light into it. It is essential for our well-being in every aspect of our lives! Even the smallest glimmer of light keeps the pilot light of HOPE on.  What matters is that we celebrate with whatever light remains: a candle is a symbol of hope, a single star can show the way, and even the constant glow from your electronics can remind you to celebrate our unlimited connection to not only the world wide web, but the whole wide world. Light is a celebration of life. 

Why I’m a Superhero

What makes your powers “super” is that they go above and beyond to help others. There is no overestimating the way these powers stir the heart and soul, and quicken the world’s resolve to hope for better tomorrows. Choose the courage of optimism over the crush of cynicism. Superpowers aren’t necessarily supernatural (although I think those exist too). Your superpower might be kindness, humor, listening or giving. They are anything that makes the world a better place. You are not ordinary. You are extraordinary. Be the hero that never gives up and changes the world.

“Crazy-Good” Transitions in Life

September is here. The days are shorter, the nights are longer and change is on full display. Change can make us crazy. Sometimes a little “crazy” is just what we need if it means being excited about life! Let’s lose our minds just enough to follow our hearts and “Soul” toward the best transitions in our lives. If we’re growing (and hopefully we are) we may experience some growing pains. So we look for role models, discipline, prayer, and even a few magic wands. So, get ready to change the way you see change:   When you transition in these 5 ways, you’ll grow “old” and savor the life that hasn’t disappointed you.

The Smile Behind the Mask

These days we need protect more than our lungs. We need to protect our relationships, the reason we’ve been created. Look into each other’s hearts and souls, past the mask that separates us. We’re spending a lot of time worrying about the future. One thing is certain: it’s not likely to be what we imagine. Life is happening now. Every time we “face” a friend or a stranger we have the opportunity to reinforce that we are not alone and that we matter. So smile anyway and every way you can and maybe, just maybe, we’ll come a little bit closer to healing the world.

Memories and the Freedom they Make or Take

But I’m learning that memories can distort the truth. I’m clawing my way through painful and messy memories to uncover the proverbial “rest of the story.” Fight to find your happier, healthier memories. Reorganize what’s too painful to hold on to, but too painful to let go of. Freedom is choosing what to keep in your life, and loving what you choose. How?

Momentum is Proof of Life

There will be people who try to stop you. There will be those who don’t understand your momentum. Don’t let them stop you. There will be times you want to quit or give up. But not today – or tomorrow. Because now is the perfect time to build the most meaningful momentum of your life, one moment at a time.

Something’s Gotta Change! Is it YOU?

We wish the world would change. A frequent frustration I hear is “Why should I be the one to change when they’re the problem?”  Weary voices object, “Take me or leave me as I am.” I hear that voice in my head, too. And I have to ask, “How’s that working?” Change is the best thing we have going for us - and the hardest...

Forgiveness and Living in Times of Uncertainty

What does forgiveness means to you? As I am fond of doing, I looked for the original old-world definition of the word FORGIVE: it means complete giving. We can't always forget when we forgive. The question is, what can we possibly give to help heal and move forward in life?

Compare and Contrast

Most of us are in the habit of constantly comparing ourselves to each other. Someone always comes out looking worse. But the word compare doesn't mean to find our differences it means to see how we are similar! Here's how to make comparisons that help instead of hurt!

Love says, “Decide”

I realized most of my questions about life are really questions about love. We live with the vague sense that there is more to life. We’re right. In this season of love cliches I want to talk about the four decisions that have helped me win at love. Let me tell you about the word DECIDE.