Got Resolutions?

There’s so much hype about how to change that I thought I would share what I know to be true – three things I know for sure – about positive change.

Gift Giving

There are 4 things I typically associate with gifts. This year, I am going to think about them differently. Maybe you can try this with me. Think about: Gift-Wrap, Gift-Cards, Gift-Exchange, and Re-Gifts!

What Are You Hungry For?

It’s November: open season for Thanksgiving feasts and feasting. What are you hungry for? This holiday season when you sit down at the table, really see your friends. Really notice them. Hear a lot of laughter. Breathe in the Spirit of your faith. Ask your soul, "Are you getting what you crave?" Because when it does, I promise, you will have happy - happier - holidays.

Wonder Woman and Apple Pie

Costumes aren’t just worn in October though, are they? Every time we wear something with a particular logo or label we are making a statement about what we value, and that our opinion matters, and therefore we matter. And based on these appearances we label each other and we are labelled. Here are three ways to resist the irresistible urge to label each other.

What do you EXPECT?!!

Where do expectations come from and how do they become so deeply ingrained in our pursuit of self-worth? 

The overwhelming never-ending power of the SMILE

The first week of August celebrates National Smile day, and this has me thinking about living a good life and how to help others live better too. he amazing worth we are were created with empowers us to make the world equally amazing with every act and reaction. So smile. This is probably the best habit you can practice because this will change the world.  

Breaking Free From a Painful Past

In this month of July we think about freedom. If you’ve ever felt trapped by bad memories freedom takes on additional meaning. Painful memories can rob us of our personal freedom. I have an illustration that will help you transform your bad memories into a lesson easier to absorb.

Anger: Beauty and the Beast

What’s the role of anger? Here it is: it should wake us up to what else we’re feeling that we wouldn’t otherwise pay attention to. Anger is like the orange warning light inside your car that says, “Something else is going on. Look inside!” Whatever you're feeling - it all matters. Because you and me, and we, all matter.

Let It Go

We hang on to a lot of painfully destructive stuff that doesn’t add value to our lives but in fact diminishes it. Sometimes we just forget that there’s a lot of unproductive worn-out stuff taking up space in our life. So, choosing carefully what to hold on to and what to let go of is one of the hardest and most important habits to change.

Where Does Change Begin?

We change because we MUST. It just doesn't happen the way we always want. Here’s what I’m learning about change. My lesson from nature is NOT that we have to wait for change and growth--- I mean we do... But my bigger lesson is that sometimes change is happening in ways that we can’t see. Don't give up on yourself or others. Believe in the process that change has begun in ways that can't be seen - at first. Create the best environment for the change to appear above ground to exist and persist.