Hey! Somebody Turn On the Lights!

Life gets better immediately when we bring light into it. It is essential for our well-being in every aspect of our lives! Even the smallest glimmer of light keeps the pilot light of HOPE on.  What matters is that we celebrate with whatever light remains: a candle is a symbol of hope, a single star can show the way, and even the constant glow from your electronics can remind you to celebrate our unlimited connection to not only the world wide web, but the whole wide world. Light is a celebration of life. 

Love says, “Decide”

I realized most of my questions about life are really questions about love. We live with the vague sense that there is more to life. We’re right. In this season of love cliches I want to talk about the four decisions that have helped me win at love. Let me tell you about the word DECIDE.

Got Resolutions?

There’s so much hype about how to change that I thought I would share what I know to be true – three things I know for sure – about positive change.

Gift Giving

There are 4 things I typically associate with gifts. This year, I am going to think about them differently. Maybe you can try this with me. Think about: Gift-Wrap, Gift-Cards, Gift-Exchange, and Re-Gifts!

What Are You Hungry For?

It’s November: open season for Thanksgiving feasts and feasting. What are you hungry for? This holiday season when you sit down at the table, really see your friends. Really notice them. Hear a lot of laughter. Breathe in the Spirit of your faith. Ask your soul, "Are you getting what you crave?" Because when it does, I promise, you will have happy - happier - holidays.

Breaking Free From a Painful Past

In this month of July we think about freedom. If you’ve ever felt trapped by bad memories freedom takes on additional meaning. Painful memories can rob us of our personal freedom. I have an illustration that will help you transform your bad memories into a lesson easier to absorb.

Love Story and our Habit of Saying “I’m Sorry.”

You see we heal by sharing our stories. The words “I’m sorry” are a part of our story that creates new beginnings and hopefully happier endings. The spoken apology is an opening to understanding, which doesn’t necessarily mean reconciliation or resolution. Understanding helps us think about how we offend, hurt, or are just simply inconsiderate to others, and how a good apology heals.

A unique way to get in better shape this year

Lately I’ve begun to notice what I call the triceps and biceps of our emotional health: HUMILITY and CURIOSITY. These are different types of muscles that I need to get in shape too! These work together to support our entire emotional well-being. So this year I am resolving to get my physical and mental health in better shape.

Shaking Things Up: Helpful or Harmful

Life is like a snow globe. It is always-getting-shaken up. And I think today, more than ever, we are caught up in a fast paced,-impatient,-over scheduled lifestyle that has made us more comfortable with commotion -than peace and quiet. We’ve become change junkies living in chronic crisis, even feeling like something is missing without it. Shaking things up can be necessary and valuable. But when it’s an absent-minded-habit it’s more harmful than helpful. Is your personal snow globe beautiful and romantic or confusing and frantic? Whatever the case, it’s always good to return to the still and sacred scene of clarity, comfort, and joy reminding you which way is up.

Celebrate with Light

Now here’s the connection I’ve made between this habit of turning the lights on and making life better and brighter: We celebrate life with lights. Lights hint that something special is happening: Celebrations - are - important to us. We need light to send darkness out. It keeps us from “falling” physically, emotionally, and spiritually. S now, every time you turn on the light, remember to celebrate life. Create a space of positive energy. And, be a light in someone’s life, especially your own.   

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