Hey! Somebody Turn On the Lights!

Life gets better immediately when we bring light into it. It is essential for our well-being in every aspect of our lives! Even the smallest glimmer of light keeps the pilot light of HOPE on.  What matters is that we celebrate with whatever light remains: a candle is a symbol of hope, a single star can show the way, and even the constant glow from your electronics can remind you to celebrate our unlimited connection to not only the world wide web, but the whole wide world. Light is a celebration of life. 

Something’s Gotta Change! Is it YOU?

We wish the world would change. A frequent frustration I hear is “Why should I be the one to change when they’re the problem?”  Weary voices object, “Take me or leave me as I am.” I hear that voice in my head, too. And I have to ask, “How’s that working?” Change is the best thing we have going for us - and the hardest...

Forgiveness and Living in Times of Uncertainty

What does forgiveness means to you? As I am fond of doing, I looked for the original old-world definition of the word FORGIVE: it means complete giving. We can't always forget when we forgive. The question is, what can we possibly give to help heal and move forward in life?

Breaking Free From a Painful Past

In this month of July we think about freedom. If you’ve ever felt trapped by bad memories freedom takes on additional meaning. Painful memories can rob us of our personal freedom. I have an illustration that will help you transform your bad memories into a lesson easier to absorb.

Anger: Beauty and the Beast

What’s the role of anger? Here it is: it should wake us up to what else we’re feeling that we wouldn’t otherwise pay attention to. Anger is like the orange warning light inside your car that says, “Something else is going on. Look inside!” Whatever you're feeling - it all matters. Because you and me, and we, all matter.

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