Dr. Chris Hilicki is here for you as a doctor in the field of psychology and a licensed counselor. She is a storyteller, scientist, published author, and ordained minister who explores the way we survive and improve through loss and uncertainty. Chris shares stories and proven healing strategies for the roller coaster ride we call “life.” These are developed from personal experience, continual scientific research, and daily practice. She is happily married and embraces every moment of life and living, through the pursuit of dreams, star gazing and trail blazing.

Her S.A.C.R.E.D. Survival message helps you transform the pain and go on to claim a life that’s
more than bearable ~ it’s a little more beautiful.

Now, she observes our everyday HABITS through a unique perspective and shares how they can improve lives when thought about and practiced just a little bit differently. Read, watch, and share her posts available here. 

Chris offers you compassion and practical resources when the life we thought we would have shifts into something different – sometimes uncomfortably, sometimes painfully. You may have experienced the loss of a loved one, divorce, unemployment, retirement, illness, or be growing older and wanting to be wiser. Chris’ messages, books and lessons will help you uncover the true story and purpose of your life.

Look closer and discover Sacred Survival practices. Find your:

Strength – Acceptance – Compassion – Relationship – Exits – Decisions





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