I love all our fall festivals, including Halloween. As a child I collected a LOT of candy parading through the neighborhood as my favorite superhero. Halloween originated as “Hallowed Eve” when it honored heroes that died bravely for their beliefs. Today superhero costumes are still the most popular.

Being a superhero isn’t “make-believe”

I confess, I’m a bit of a superhero. And so are you. Sometimes it feels like the wind has gone out of our capes. But superheroes are more important than ever.

At some level I think we all suspect there’s a “superhero” deep within. Throughout life we watch the stories of Superman and Wonder Woman. We wear their t-shirts and imagine living extraordinary lives that go above and beyond. The word super actually comes from the German word uper meaning above and beyond. And the word hero comes from a 14th century French words: courage and protection.

Sometimes we feel weary of taking care of everyone! Well, here’s why you have been, and still are, a superhero:

Our traumas shape us to be Superheroes

Without exception, everyone encounters painful experiences. Are you using them to induce growth to help others? Batman’s resolve to fight crime was set in motion when his parents were tragically killed. Whatever your hardships and heartaches, they’re meant to fortify you to be brave and compassionate.

Destiny calls us

Inside us all is a force that compels us to become a heroic person of great responsibility. Don’t ignore this. The destiny God created for us may not be as noticeable as Mother Teresa’s, but it is equally important. One of our greatest (and heroic) purposes is to love our neighbor as our self. These days this can summon all our courage!

Random acts help us “take stock”

Throughout life we encounter random acts, both of kind and hostile. Spider man was bitten by a spider. Charlie got the golden ticket to the chocolate factory. And you? Well, I don’t know what you’ve gone through, but now is the time to pay attention and take stock of your life. Maybe the random acts in your life aren’t so random after all, but meant to develop your superpowers.

Here are three ways to be “super.”

1) Reveal Your True Identity

Superman dramatically tears open his shirt to reveal his Superman identity. Wonder Woman whirls around and clicks her wrists to transform into her super-self. How do you transform? There are scientific studies proving that when we stand in a superhero pose for just five minutes we not only feel more “super” we actually perform measurably better. The red tights and cape are optional, but raise your arms, lift your head, and throw back your shoulders like a superhero. Do you feel it?

2) Don’t Forget Who You Are

My 8 yr-old superhero pose!

I found a picture of me as an 8 year-old child with my hands on my hips, shoulders back, head up, looking like I could take on the world! Clearly I believed I was some kind of a superhero!  Somewhere along the years I stopped believing. My head and shoulders fell, my feet stood still. Now I look at this photo every day to remind myself to BE a hero. This isn’t about arrogance, or self-importance. This is OUR true identity! Don’t forget.





3) Use your life to help each other                              

What makes your powers “super” is that they go above and beyond to help others. There is no overestimating the way these powers stir the heart and soul, and quicken the world’s resolve to hope for better tomorrows. Choose the courage of optimism over the crush of cynicism. Superpowers aren’t necessarily supernatural (although I think those exist too). Your superpower might be kindness, humor, listening or giving. They are anything that makes the world a better place.

You are not ordinary. You are extraordinary.

Be the hero that never gives up and changes the world.