Hi. I’m Dr. Chris

September is here. The days are shorter, the nights are longer and change is on full display. Change can make us crazy. Actually I’ve stopped wondering why people are crazy and wonder why they’re not! The origin of the word crazy is from the 1500s. Then it meant, broken. But much later, in the 1900s, jazz musicians redefined the way the word crazy was used to describe their music. It was “crazy-exciting.” Sometimes a little “crazy” is just what we need if it means being excited about life! Let’s lose our minds just enough to follow our hearts and “Soul” toward the best transitions in our lives. If we’re growing (and hopefully we are) we may experience some growing pains. So we look for role models, discipline, prayer, and even a few magic wands.

So, get ready to change the way you see change:    

1) Positive transitions demands truth

The transitions that we need the most have to cut through some of the small talk. We have to be straight with ourselves and each other. Good transitions demand integrity to accept change AND, expect good things from it. That means no denials, no more procrastination, and no deceptions.

Honesty doesn’t have to be brutal – or painful. Helpful honesty merges its truth with compassion for everyone, especially you! So don’t “fake it until you make it.” I don’t like that expression! Because we want more from life than just barely making it. Don’t we? Now, transition toward authenticity.

2) Change happens

Even when nothing seems to be happening, something always is. This is difficult for most of us to accept, especially for those who so eagerly worshiped at the altar of productivity and so easily mistook busyness for progress. Change moves at different heart rates. You have a different heart rate than me, but all of our hearts must keep beating. So listen to your heart. Ask it, “What do you need?”

3) Change shouldn’t deprive us

I’ve been asked if I lost my focus or couldn’t be satisfied with what I had. I’ve been criticized for going down a lot of rabbit holes. And the truth is, I’ve pursued about a million professional and personal endeavors in life. Many of them haven’t looked successful in typical ways. But my success was, and still is, defined by constantly trying new experiences that make me feel fully alive. That’s what transitions should do for us. I want you to find transitions in your life that make you feel ALIVE. Transitions don’t always mean giving things up. They also mean, living it up!

4) Transitions make us feel alive

Sometimes the seemingly un-survivable moments in our lives create a white-water current that sweeps us toward the person God created us to be. Who have you been created to be? Transitions don’t necessarily chase some version of retiring or settling down. They supposed to make us feel alive. Don’t settle for less. Find your signature move that represents the YOU that you were created to be. What do you want to be known for?

5) Transitions ask us to be brave

I’ve lost and found, and lost again, homes, health, jobs and friends. Change isn’t always comfortable or easy. Maybe they are about bringing us to a place in our life where we can ease the hardships and heartaches of others. We don’t always get the fairy tale. But we get the “happily ever after” when we see transitions with the potential to be brave. You can be brave.

As T.S. Eliot said, “Only those who risk going too far can find out how far one can go.”  

When you transition in these ways, you’ll grow “old” and savor the life that hasn’t disappointed you.

As this season reminds us of change, embrace it. Be brave. Be true. Be you.