Everything we do tells the world a little more about who we are –and—what we think of the world. Let’s think about bumper stickers. They demand a bit of commitment considering how permanent their adhesive is. It’s harder to remove a bumper sticker from our car than a person from our life!! (I think that’s why some bumper stickers are scotch taped to the inside of the car’s window.) A half-hearted commitment at best.

Bumper stickers are everywhere. If we have a vacation to remember we can do it with a bumper sticker. If we have a cause we can support it with a bumper sticker. If you have a child to brag about, go ahead, be proud with a bumper sticker. I’ve seen cars with dozens of bumper stickers on them. They are time capsules of presidential campaigns and personal causes.

As a practical concept bumper stickers don’t make a lot of sense. What’s the logic of taking people’s eyes off the road to read them? And do we really want to encourage tail gating? But as a philosophical practice, bumper stickers can make us feel like we have a voice in the world.  Unfortunately though, they are like a lot of things that can make a statement without having to enter into a conversation, much less entertain feedback – or push back. For better or worse they are another one sided conversation in this world.

So what do you want to say with a bumper sticker, or your license plate? Think of it as your mini billboard for what you value, and how you value others. They can either disrespect or offend us, or they can inspire, motivate, lift spirits and make us smile (always a welcome moment in traffic.) My bumper sticker is my license plate. Here’s what’s on my car: LUV WINS!

Think of a “bumper sticker” that you’re willing to stick to? What’s the timeless message that you want to live and give? What do you want to reveal about yourself? I mean what’s’ the best part of you to share that can help us all?So this is easy: from now on, every time you are driving, remember that you have a chance to share something that brings out the best in everyone’s life, especially the one you’re living NOW!