What do you EXPECT?!!

Where do expectations come from and how do they become so deeply ingrained in our pursuit of self-worth? 

The overwhelming never-ending power of the SMILE

The first week of August celebrates National Smile day, and this has me thinking about living a good life and how to help others live better too. he amazing worth we are were created with empowers us to make the world equally amazing with every act and reaction. So smile. This is probably the best habit you can practice because this will change the world.  

Anger: Beauty and the Beast

What’s the role of anger? Here it is: it should wake us up to what else we’re feeling that we wouldn’t otherwise pay attention to. Anger is like the orange warning light inside your car that says, “Something else is going on. Look inside!” Whatever you're feeling - it all matters. Because you and me, and we, all matter.

Where Does Change Begin?

We change because we MUST. It just doesn't happen the way we always want. Here’s what I’m learning about change. My lesson from nature is NOT that we have to wait for change and growth--- I mean we do... But my bigger lesson is that sometimes change is happening in ways that we can’t see. Don't give up on yourself or others. Believe in the process that change has begun in ways that can't be seen - at first. Create the best environment for the change to appear above ground to exist and persist.

A unique way to get in better shape this year

Strength Training! This is the time of year many of us resolve to get back in shape! Admittedly, my shape-up efforts are pretty inconsistent. The results are some poorly defined, weaker muscles like my biceps and triceps, which are needed for just about everything in life. My emotional muscles get out of shape, too. Lately I’ve begun to notice what I call the triceps and biceps of our emotional health: humility and curiosity. These are different types of muscles that work together to support our entire emotional well-being. Strengthening them takes constant work, without which we feel (and look) pretty bad. So this year I am resolving to get my physical and mental health in better shape. Humility is incredibly important. It’s more than polite respect. And don’t mistake it for weakness. Without humility we are not able to fully experience gratitude, compassion, and patience for others. It opens up a world of discovery and improvement – if – we could just be curious enough to consider what others have to offer!

Shaking Things Up: Helpful or Harmful

Life is like a snow globe. It is always-getting-shaken up. And I think today, more than ever, we are caught up in a fast paced,-impatient,-over scheduled lifestyle that has made us more comfortable with commotion -than peace and quiet. We’ve become change junkies living in chronic crisis, even feeling like something is missing without it. Shaking things up can be necessary and valuable. But when it’s an absent-minded-habit it’s more harmful than helpful. Is your personal snow globe beautiful and romantic or confusing and frantic? Whatever the case, it’s always good to return to the still and sacred scene of clarity, comfort, and joy reminding you which way is up.

Celebrate with Light

Now here’s the connection I’ve made between this habit of turning the lights on and making life better and brighter: We celebrate life with lights. Lights hint that something special is happening: Celebrations - are - important to us. We need light to send darkness out. It keeps us from “falling” physically, emotionally, and spiritually. S now, every time you turn on the light, remember to celebrate life. Create a space of positive energy. And, be a light in someone’s life, especially your own.   

Pizza, Peace, and Patience: A Habit for Change

What’s the common denominator for change to occur? The common denominator is always about readiness. When something isn’t ready to change under your hand, let it rest. Don’t force people to take the shape you want. Use your best ingredients, warmth, and vision, and then be patient. When you step away and let other’s rest and relax, they will RISE. Read More Here

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