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Dr. Chris Hilicki is a licensed counselor, storyteller, scientist, and ordained minister who explores the way we survive through loss and uncertainty. She shares proven strategies for the rollercoaster ride “life” developed from personal experience, scientific research, and practice.

Her S.A.C.R.E.D. Survival message helps you let go of the pain and go on to claim a life that’s not just bearable but a little more beautiful.

Here are resources for our inevitable and natural grief when we lose the life we thought we would have and advance through the stages of our life. You may have experienced the loss of a loved one, gone through divorce, unemployment, retirement, illness, and just be growing older. Chris’ messages, books and lessons will help you uncover the true story and purpose of your life.

Look closer and discover Sacred Survival practices. Find your:

Strength – Acceptance – Compassion – Relationship – Exits – Decisions

Recent Advice and Anecdotes


  • January 2nd, 2014

Dear Chris
We are stressed out about giving gifts every year, all year. We worry about giving gifts before Christmas and fight about the gifts after Christmas. HELP. Why does this always go wrong for us? I feel like I’m either the Grinch, unappreciated, or maybe just stupid.

Signed, Going for broke not broken


  • January 2nd, 2014

Dear Chris,
Can people really change? I’m hoping I’m not stuck in a hopeless situation.

Signed, Afraid I’m stuck


  • January 2nd, 2014

Dear Chris,
Why do we keep having the same bad argument over and over (and over)? We keep arguing about how my husband never cleans up after himself? Why I spend so much money?” I’m so worn out from these tired old arguments. Nothing ever gets solved. What should we do?

Signed, Tired

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